Weidenhammer’s New alioTM Software Leads
the Education Market

An evolution from SAGE, alio deemed the software solution for Finance Management
& Human Resources in the Education Industry

Wyomissing, Pa., July 30, 2007 — On August 1, 2007, Weidenhammer Systems Corporation will launch its new alio software, a comprehensive suite of applications designed for the financial management, payroll and human resources needs of K-12 schools.

After purchasing SAGE software from Information Design, Inc., Weidenhammer made enhancements to it and is rolling out the upgraded software under the name alio. “Essentially, we’ve re-engineered an already robust system to one that is even more intuitive,” said John Weidenhammer, CEO, Weidenhammer Systems Corporation. “alio will not only be an upgrade for our current SAGE users, but will also provide easily implemented and cost effective solutions for those who use Weidenhammer’s CIMS software solutions and other applications.”

alio is the next generation in software – it’s sophisticated yet affordable and very easy to use,” said Weidenhammer. alio has accounting procedures and auditing controls that enable administrators to easily budget, monitor and control their school’s finances. Information is electronically transferred to the general ledger, minimizing data entry requirements and human error.

With automated district financial, payroll and personnel needs to manage, school finance administrators need to only work on one database which enables multi-year reporting, instant access to information, and the ability to produce reports quickly. Since alio runs on familiar operating systems, using alio will be intuitive for many administrators.

Developed for efficiency, alio software was collaboratively designed and developed by a team of accountants, auditors, and technical design experts. Built on Oracle™ Technology, alio runs on Windows, Linux and Unix and can be accessed via Web or client server system architectures without the need for specialized equipment or additional administrative positions. Additionally,alio can be a key factor in implementing an environmentally friendly paperless office, resulting in reduced operations costs.

Weidenhammer is specialized in meeting the state-reporting needs of schools, which makes Department of Education report submissions quick and seamless—regardless of their size. Weidenhammer serves nearly 1,000 school districts in 40 states that range in size from single-site schools with fewer than 500 students to sites with more than 100 buildings and 70,000+ students.

With nearly 200 IT professionals in seven locations and a network of strategic partners – such as OracleTM, MicrosoftTM, and CiscoTM – Weidenhammer provides complete software installation, training, and support. To keep advanced IT solutions simple for the end-user, Weidenhammer offers workshops, seminars and classes by certified trainers to help administrators excel while eliminating extra work from their jobs.

About Weidenhammer Systems Corporation

Founded in 1978, Weidenhammer Systems Corporation is an information technology firm providing innovative products and services. Weidenhammer specializes in using information technology as a strategic tool for education administration. With nearly 200 IT professionals in seven locations, Weidenhammer is structured to align the requirements of any school district with the appropriate application of information technology. To learn more, please visit www.hammer.net.